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Watch Stephen Colbert’s Full 32-Minute Grilling of James Comey Here (Video)

If you were worried that Colbert’s chat with Comey would be all fluff, rest assured, it was not

In an episode that Stephen Colbert has been hyping for weeks, former FBI director James Comey appeared on “The Late Show” on Tuesday to promote his new book, “A Higher Loyalty,” detailing his troubling interactions with Donald Trump before Trump fired him last year — as well as other notable decisions he made in the run-up to the 2016 election that many have speculated swung the election for Trump.

CBS posted the full, unedited version of the interview on YouTube, which runs a solid 32 minutes. You can view the video in the embed above or right here on YouTube.

Colbert’s conversation with Comey began very amicably, with Colbert saying he wanted to recreate Comey’s flight home on the FBI jet after being fired, in which Comey famously says he sat alone drinking wine out of a paper cup. Colbert pulled out two paper cups and a bottle of pinot noir, and they toasted to begin the segment.

After buttering him up a bit, Colbert did challenge Comey on statements he’s bad about Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch and his decision to publicly announce that the FBI had re-opened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails less than two weeks prior to the election.

Colbert played a bit of a balancing act throughout, making sure he stayed mostly amicable while still legitimately pushing on some big issues.

Eventually, of course, the alleged pee tape did come up. After asking about the conversation Comey had with Trump about the pee tape allegation, Colbert mentioned that he has actually been to Moscow and visited that suite, and invited Comey to ask him any questions he might have about it.

So Comey asked if the suite was roomy enough for a self-proclaimed germaphobe like Trump to be able to watch two hookers pee on each other without himself getting any of it on himself. Colbert assured him that the room was very long, with plenty enough space for Trump to stay out of the “splash zone.”