Watch Stephen Colbert’s Tribute to His Mother, Lorna Colbert (Video)

Stephen Colbert honors his mother, a week after her death at 92

Stephen Colbert paid tribute to his mother Wednesday, a week after she died at the age of 92.

Lorna Colbert, a mother of 11 children, became a single parent after her husband and two of her sons were killed in a plane crash in 1974

"When you watch the show, if you also like me, that's because of my mom," he said on "The Colbert Report."

Colbert said his mother was born in Larchmont, N.Y., in 1920, the same week women received the right to vote. He described how she met his father at age 12 at cotillion.

"She liked him, but she didn't want him to know how much. So she would make her friends ride their bikes all the way across town just to pass by his house but then she would never look to see if he was in the front yard. Which of course drove her friends crazy. And evidently she also drove my father crazy, because they were married and promptly had 11 children," Colbert said.

"She made a very loving home for us. No fight between siblings could end without hugs and kisses, though hugs never needed a reason at her house."

He said his mother encouraged singing and dancing, and had trained as an actress.

"She would teach us how to do stage falls by pretending to faint on the kitchen floor. She was fun."

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