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Watch The Trailer For ‘Automatron,’ First ‘Fallout 4’ Add-On, Out Next Week (Video)

First new content since November hits March 22

Bethesda’s extensive post-release support for its cash cow “Fallout 4” begins in a week, and will be the first new content added to the post-apocalyptic role-playing game since it was released in November finally hits on March 22.

The publisher announced the date with a trailer, which also detailed the content, dubbed “Automatron.” The $10 pack will tell the story of the player’s wasteland civilization doing battle against a foe known only as The Mechanist and his army of robots. “Automatron” will allow players to built robots of their own from materials scavenged around the game world to enlist in the fight.

“Automatron” is the first of a number of planned downloadable content packs for “Fallout 4,” all of which can be purchased individually or in a “season pass” bundle for $49.99. “Fallout 4” is available on on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.