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Watch ‘The View’ Hosts Talk Trump and Cockroaches (Video)

”This is the meanest, most racist campaign I’ve ever seen,“ Joy Behar says

Following Ben Carson’s appearance on Thursday’s episode of “The View,” the hosts of the ABC talk show seemed to be in agreement that nice guys finish last, especially in this election cycle.

The hosts lamented the fact that Donald Trump’s frontrunner status for the Republican nomination has allowed his supporters to openly voice bigoted and offensive opinions without consequences.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Joy Behar said. “This is the meanest, most racist campaign I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s like when you turn the lights on at night and all the roaches come out,” she continued, quickly clarifying that she didn’t mean to compare all Trump supporters to roaches. “Things are under cover, and then suddenly they’re out there like that. And it’s not pretty.”

Guest host Sunny Hostin echoed Behar’s sentiment that these are things that people had always felt but weren’t allowed to say out loud in a “P.C. environment.”

“Donald Trump is saying things that I think people think and feel and say behind closed doors,” said Hostin. “And now he’s put it out there and people are running to him in droves.”

Former ESPN host Keith Olbermann also made a brief appearance on Friday’s show to discuss the presidential campaigns. The commentator said that the Republican Party leaders need to stop Trump from winning the nomination.

“Everybody in the Republican party, in the establishment, has a self-interest in keeping him away [from the nomination],” he said.

When asked if that would be democratic given that a Trump nomination seems to be the will of the people, Olbermann also took a shot at Trump supporters.

“They’re mostly people who can’t really be trusted to find their homes again once they leave them,” Olbermann said.

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