Watch This ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Supercut of Chris Wallace Yelling ‘No!’ at Trump (Video)

Wallace “had to treat the president like a rabid dog humping his leg,” Meyers joked on Wednesday’s “A Closer Look” segment

The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was a chaotic one, a fact that has led to many colorful reactions from pundits in the newsmedia. And in a new “A Closer Look” segment on Wednesday night, Seth Meyers spent 15 straight minutes delivering a parade of colorful reactions of his own — and, naturally, he was not particularly complimentary of Trump’s constant interruptions.

Midway through the segment, Meyers expressed a fascination with how the moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News, ended up having to argue with Trump too.

“I’ve never seen the actual redness of his face overtake his bronzer like that,” Meyers quipped after “Late Night” showed a montage of Trump interrupting Biden. “Trump had so much crazy coke energy that the moderator Chris Wallace literally had to yell no at him to beg him to stop interrupting.”

For the next 30 seconds of the show,” Late Night” treated viewers to a supercut of the numerous times Wallace had to yell at Trump to try to make him adhere to the rules of the debate. You can watch it in the embedded video above, which is cued up to that part of the segment.

And then afterward, Meyers had some pretty harsh words for Trump.

“The moderator of a nationally televised debate had to treat the president like a rabid dog humping his leg,” he joked.

“Meanwhile, Biden was just standing there looking over at the camera like a grandpa on a sitcom. ‘Ugh, I can’t believe my daughter married this dope.”

Meyers, though, wanted to remind his viewers that this approach is pretty standard for conservatives at this point.

“The deranged petulance on display from Trump last night, it’s not unique and it’s not an aberration within the GOP or the conservative movement. Unless you let them scream uninterrupted for 90 minutes straight, they think you’re out to get them, even if you work for the same network,” Meyers said.

“During the debate, Fox host Laura Ingraham tweeted ‘Trump is debating the moderator and Biden.’ I love how she calls Chris Wallace ‘the moderator’ like she doesn’t know him. You guys are co-workers, you get the same Fox News sweatshirts every Christmas and your paychecks are side by the same guy.”

“Late Night” then pulled up a clip of Ingraham’s paycheck, which was signed by Satan.

“These people are such pathetic sycophants. Can you imagine if Ingram moderate a debate?” Meyers said. “‘Mr. President, the first question is to you: how are you so good at golf? And is it hard being as strong and handsome as you are? You have 90 minutes to respond. And Mr. Biden, you can go.’ Not like Wallace didn’t have moments of obsequiousness. Twice he teed up questions by promising the president they would make him happy.”

The moments Meyers is referring to, which “Late Night” then showed, were when Wallace said that Trump would be happy that he was about to ask Biden about his plan to add a public option to Obamacare, and when the debate switched to the topic of “law and order.”

“First of all, it’s not your job to make him happy,” Meyers said. “Second of all, you’re wasting your time because he’s never going to be happy. If he was a children’s book character he would be an ogre who eats the happiness of children and never gets full, and then a talking butterfly would tell him, ‘You’ll never taste happiness until you face your anger,’ and then he’d eat the butterfly.

“And third of all, it’s not a moderator’s job to be a hostage negotiator trying to get the president calmed down during a debate”

You can watch the entire “A Closer Look” segment from Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers” in the video embedded in this article, or on YouTube here.


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