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Watch Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Re-Enact ‘The Dark Knight’ Interrogation Scene (Video)

Wiseau serious?

Tommy Wiseau has upped his apparent love of the Clown Prince of Crime, filming a complete scene from “The Dark Knight,” this time roping in his Best F(r)iend Greg Sestero to play opposite him as Batman.

Back in March, the “auteur” behind “The Room” threw his name into the ring to be considered for the new Joker movie. He even filmed an audition tape in full makeup. Well, Joaquin Phoenix got that part, and he only looks a little sillier than Wiseau did.

In a new video for the Nerdist, Wiseau and Sestero re-enacted the famous interrogation scene between Heath Ledger and Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.”

Check it out above.

Previously, it was Bale’s gravelly Batman voice that was a bit difficult to understand, but now that honor goes to Wiseau in how he cackles maniacally and pronounces his nemesis closer to “Budmun.”

It’s not bad though, and certainly makes for a good laugh. Wiseau has come a long way as an actor. Now you just have to wonder how many takes it took him to nail this iconic scene.

Wiseau and Sestero last starred in “Best F(r)iends,” a two-part noir, thriller in which Wiseau portrayed a strange mortician while Sestero played a drifter with a dark past who tries to defraud Wiseau in a money-making scheme.

“Best F(r)iends” will be available on iTunes on Sept. 25. Watch the video from the Nerdist above.