Watch Tommy Wiseau ‘Audition’ to Play The Joker (Video)

With a special appearance from Greg Sestero as Batman

You’re tearing me apart, Batman! With news swirling that Joaquin Phoenix is close to a deal to play The Joker in an origin film from Todd Phillips, Tommy Wiseau, the director and star of the cult film “The Room,” threw his name into the ring as a potential casting choice.

Wiseau finally gets his chance to really put a smile on that face in a new parody video via The Nerdist. In the “audition” to be The Joker, Wiseau acts out lines from Heath Ledger’s performance in the “The Dark Knight,” makeup and all.

Is he any good? Well, let’s just say he gives as many line readings to, “Why so serious?” as he does to try and get, “Oh hai, Mark” right.

“I’m not the monster! I’m just ahead of the curve,” Wiseau warbles in his signature, inscrutable European accent.

Greg Sestero, Wiseau’s co-star on “The Room” and the author of “The Disaster Artist,” even makes a cameo in the video as The Dark Knight himself, doing his best gravely, baritone reading of “I’m Batman.”

Wiseau shared a photo of himself in Joker attire back in February, and he even expressed interest in being cast in a Marvel or DC movie. When a fan asked on Twitter whether he preferred Marvel or DC, Wiseau replied, “Whichever one hires me first!”

Wiseau will next be seen alongside Sestero in the film “Best F(r)iends,” which you can get tickets for here, and also released a trailer for another film called “Scary Love.”

Watch Wiseau’s audition tape via The Nerdist above.