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Watch Trump Suffer a Daft Punk Medley for Bastille Day (Video)

A marching band’s mashup for Bastille Day is the Frenchest thing you’ll ever see

Donald Trump didn’t get lucky this Bastille Day — he looked decidedly unenthusiastic as he watched a French marching band blaze through a medley of Daft Punk hits.

With a beaming French President Emmanuel Macron seated nearby, Trump grimly endured the sight of French musicians doing robot choreography while reinterpreting electro-dance masterpieces like “Get Lucky” and “One More Time.”

White-gloved French dignitaries clapped along enthusiastically, in a scene that at times recalled the Val Kilmer Cold War-Elvis movie parody “Top Secret.”

To his credit, the president maintained decorum and avoided the inevitable international incident that might have occurred if an American president had in any way disrespected France’s most universally beloved musical export, the musical masterworks of two anonymous men who dress up like robots when performing live.

Trump mustered up some enthusiastic clapping at the end, and a rather insouciant puff of exhalation that puffed his hair upward. It was vaguely French.

Still, as he joined France in marking the anniversary of the storming of the despised Bastille prison, a symbolic moment in the French Revolution, it was clear Trump was occupying his own sort of prison, one of brass and disco.

Here is the video:

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