Watch Vanilla Ice Throw a Fit at Delta Employee Over Missed Flight (Video)

“Ice Ice Baby” rapper has a meltdown after not being boarded

Vanilla Ice
Getty Images

Vanilla Ice definitely wasn’t flying the friendly skies on Monday.

The “Ice Ice Baby” rapper put his vocal cords to another use — berating a Delta employee — after he wasn’t boarded for his flight.

The airport meltdown was captured on video by a YouTube user who noted that the incident occurred in Atlanta.

“I’m sitting right here. No one has called me. No one said final call, nothing. [I’ve been] right there,” the rapper, real name Robert Van Winkle, is heard telling the employee. “There’s a fricking line right here. I’m thinking all these people are in line to board, I’m behind them right there.”

When informed by a bystander that Van Winkle would have done well to keep his eye on the monitors, the rapper wasn’t any more amiable.

“Hey, I don’t need any information from you, man,” Van Winkle spat. “Shut your mouth. I don’t need anything from you. Shut up!”

According to the person who posted the video, Van Winkle attempted to board 10 minutes after cutoff time.

Vanilla Ice threw his ticket at the guy and started cussing at him,” the video poster said of the rapper’s encounter with the airline employee.

Van Winkle acknowledged the encounter on his Twitter account Thursday, writing, “Hahha — funniest thing about this video is the guy that was the smart ass, had a TMNT shirt on I told him he’s not worthy,” he wrote, a reference to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” the 1990 movie for which Van Winkle performed the theme song.

Watch Vanilla Ice get hot-headed at a Delta employee in the video.