Watch ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Score $1 Million Payday (Video)

Lucky math teacher has new reason to put her counting skills to use

One lucky teacher just learned what it’s like to be a millionaire.

Sarah Manchester, a math teacher from Silver Spring, Md., got a whole lot richer on Wednesday night’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune” when she became the third contestant ever to win the $1 million grand prize on the show during Teacher’s Week.

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Manchester, whose total haul for the day was $1,017,490 (or, about 4,070 vowels’ worth), scored the cool mil by solving the puzzle and coming up with the answer, “Loud Laughter.” No doubt she’s laughing her way to the bank at this very moment.

In addition to Manchester, the $1 million prize has been won by  two other people: Michelle Lowenstein in October 2008 and Autumn Erhard in May 2013.

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Watch Manchester haul in the cash with her letter-guessing skills below: