Weather Channel Announces Second Climate Forum With Presidential Candidates

“2020: Race to Save the Planet” airs Feb. 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET

The Weather Channel announced the second installment of its “2020: Race to Save the Planet” forum Tuesday. The Feb. 1 program will feature presidential candidates, scientists and more.

The special will explore the issue of environmental justice in conversation with Democratic presidential candidates former HUD secretary Julian Castro, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer. Former GOP Rep. Bob Inglis will be there, as well as scientists and activists including Dr. Robert Bullard, Mustafa Santiago Ali, Dr. Marshall Shepherd, Rev. Gerald Durley, Neil Debbage and Ovie Mughelli.

A previous special, in Nov. 2019, focused more on climate change than environmental justice and featured nine presidential contenders.

Meteorologists Stephanie Abrams and Paul Goodloe will host alongside journalist Jamilah King.

“As severe weather events continue to increase in extremity and frequency, it is important to have these conversations about climate change and how our presidential candidates are addressing it,” Goodloe said in a statement Tuesday.

Severe weather and disastrous events have spurred many to speak out in the past few months. On Tuesday, James Murdoch criticized his family’s business, News Corp, for the handling of climate-related topics across its brands as wildfires decimated acres of land in Australia.