‘WeCrashed’: The True Story Behind Adam Neumann’s Love of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’

“It was one of those details where like, truth is stranger than fiction,” the “WeCrashed” showrunners tell TheWrap

From left to right: Jared Leto as Adam Neumann in "WeCrashed," and "Roar" singer Katy Perry.
Apple TV+ and Getty Images

If you’ve been watching “WeCrashed” on Apple TV+, then odds are pretty good you’ve had a certain Katy Perry song stuck in your head lately. “Roar” has had a presence in almost every episode at this point — but that’s because WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann really did love it.

Where some series pick their music very meticulously, “WeCrashed” had “Roar” built into it from the beginning. Series showrunners Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crevello did a lot of research in creating the series, and admit that Neumann’s love of the song was discovered very early on.

“I wish it was a choice because it’s so brilliant. But that was one of the first things we found out about Adam and Rebekah,” Crevello told TheWrap. “That Adam became obsessed with the song ‘Roar’ and would blast it in the office to the point where some employees couldn’t concentrate or do their jobs, because ‘Roar’ was just blasting. So it was one of those details where truth is stranger than fiction. And we’re, like, ‘Oh, that has to be a runner throughout the show.’”

This week’s episode shows the origins of the WeWork co-founder’s fascination with the song, as he discovers it while shopping for private jets. When it comes on in the plane, he immediately starts dancing and wants to hear more.

Even the idea of Adam Neumann treating “Roar” like a walkup song when he arrived at the office was based in truth.

“Not only would he blast it, somebody would have to turn it on as he entered the office,” Eisenberg added. “So that part was real. It was actually when you walked into a space, the song appeared.”

But surprisingly, for as many times as Eisenberg and Crevello heard the song while making “WeCrashed,” they never actually got tired of it.

“That song has staying power,” Eisenberg admitted. “I think that song — every time I hear it, I get excited. I think it works so well on the show.”

In fact, the showrunners’ affection for the song only grew throughout making the show, particularly when they got a different version of it into the series. Keep a close ear out, as there is indeed an orchestral version of “Roar” in the show.

“We kind of fell in love with it all over again, once we started sort of playing with it in different ways,” Crevello said.

“WeCrashed” is now streaming on Apple TV+.