Why ‘Wednesday’ Could Be Netflix’s Next Big Hit | Charts 

The horror comedy based on ”The Addams Family“ has more pre-launch followers than all but one of the streaming giant’s shows in the last three years

Netflix probably expected “Wednesday” – its new horror-comedy series based on the “The Addams Family” character Wednesday Addams – to be a strong performer when it debuts on Wednesday. But new anticipation data from Whip Media shows that might be underselling the show – with “Wednesday” looking like it’ll enjoy one of the best Netflix debuts in years. 

According to data from Whip Media based on users of TV Time, a TV and movie tracking app with 24 million registered users, “Wednesday” has more followers than all but one Netflix original series heading into its first episode. (“The Witcher” lapped “Wednesday” and all other Netflix shows in terms of pre-launch followers.) This is the case for “Wednesday” when compared to any other Netflix originals, including “Bridgerton” and “The Sandman,” since 2019. 

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