Weinstein Lawyer David Boies Seeks a Temporary Restraining Order Against ‘Butler’ Fine

The Motion Picture Association of America blocked TWC from using the title "The Butler" after Warner Bros. filed a complaint spawned from a 1916 short silent film of the same name

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 12:08 PM

Warner Bros. won an MPAA arbitration against The Weinstein Company on Tuesday over the title of the upcoming White House drama, "The Butler," but TWC is firing.

In documents obtained by TheWrap, TWC is threating to file an anti-trust suit and a temporary restraining order against daily fines of $25,000 imposed by the MPAA if TWC continues using title in question in any marketing materials.

Weinstein Co. lawyer David Boies has written letters to both the studio and the MPAA requesting both agree at a minimum to suspend the punitive penalties" until the conflicting parties can resolve without litigation.

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If not, Boies is prepared to seek a restraining order over the next 48 hours. See both documents, below:

Letter to the MPAA:

Letter to Warner Bros: