The Weinstein Company Takes Its First Young Adult Franchise: Vampire Academy

"Mean Girls" director Mark Waters will be behind the camera for a movie that starts shooting this summer

The Weinstein Company has picked up domestic distribution rights to “Blood Sisters,” the first film adaption from the popular young adult novels, “Vampire Academy.”

“Mean Girls” director Mark Waters will direct the film, which should begin shooting this summer. The Weinstein Company wants to release it on Valentine’s Day, 2014, which is also a long weekend due to President’s Day.

It marks the independent distributor’s first foray into the lucrative young adult market. The book series, which includes six titles thus far, has registered 8 million sales worldwide.

Waters' brother Dan Waters adapted the first tale, which follows two vampires, Rose Hathaway (Zooey Deutch) and Princess Lissa (Lucy Fry), who attend a school designed to help vampires remain somewhat human as they mature. The two eventually team with Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky), a guardian, and together, they must battle evil forces intent on harming the princess. 

"This series is fantastic and I am excited to bring it to the screen for diehard fans and introduce the stories to a whole new audience," TWC Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein said in a statement.