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Weird Al Parodies Stupid Sports Anthems With ‘Sports Song’ (Video)

The singing comedian confronts fans with the cold, hard reality that their favorite team probably isn’t any better than the opponents they’re rallying against

Weird Al Yankovic‘s latest music video has effectively summed up the average American’s analysis of their favorite sport: “We’re great, and you suck.”

“Sports Song” (above), Weird Al’s fifth new release this week, is a marching-band anthem that pokes fun at the types of fight songs spectators yell in unison in an effort to hide their own insecurities about their team’s 50-50 chance of winning.

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And it’s appropriate for any team that wants to license it for home games.

No matter what words, colors and mascots that professional teams, colleges and fans jam into a series of notes, Weird Al points out that they’re all effectively saying the same thing: “We’re really, really great/In contrast, you really suck/OK, full disclosure/ we’re not that great/ but nevertheless, you suck.”

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E-A-G-L-oh, just stop it.

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