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Weird Al’s ‘Tacky’ Star Eric Stonestreet Tells ‘The View’ How He Met the Music Satirist

The ”Modern Family“ actor didn’t hesitate when Weird Al asked him to appear in the parody of Pharrell’s ”Happy“

If you liked seeing Eric Stonestreet in Weird Al’s video for “Tacky,” then you have Twitter to thank for it.

The “Modern Family” star told the hosts of “The View” Wednesday that Weird Al him for the recruited for the video, which helped boost the album to No. 1 on the Billboard charts, after the two met via social media.

After Stonestreet tweeted to Al that there should be a “Weird Al Night” on “American Idol,” they they ran into each other on a plane to Montreal and hit it off. He didn’t hesitate when Weird Al asked him to appear in the parody of Pharrell’s “Happy.”

“When Weird Al asks you do do a video you [immediately] say ‘yes,'” Stonestreet told “The View” hosts.

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The two-time Emmy winner also opened up about how emotional he was when filming the “Modern Family” wedding between his character, Cameron, and his on-screen partner Mitchell, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

The season-finale nuptials marked a milestone in the “journey” the two now-friends took when they were first cast as the gay couple in 2009. The reaction to what was one of the first gay weddings on TV? “Surprisingly no reaction,” he said.

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Adding to the emotions of the wedding shoot, Stonestreet revealed that his own parents were in attendance, joining the cast for dinner at the country club where the wedding was shot.

“My mom told Jesse, ‘Well, welcome to the family!'” Stonestreet said.