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‘Weird Loners’ Star Becki Newton on ‘New Girl’ Comparisons and ‘Ugly Betty’ Reunion (Video)

Actress tells TheWrap she ”would do an ‘Ugly Betty’ movie in a heartbeat“

“Weird Loners” is not “New Girl,” the show’s star Becki Newton wants potential viewers to know. That said, the series hails from “New Girl” producer Jake Kasdan and Melvin Mar. It premieres after “New Girl” and follows four young, single friends who are essentially neighbors.

“I guess it is similar in that it’s people in close proximity, bunch of weirdos co-existing,” Newton explained to TheWrap during a recent set visit. “The difference is they’re not living in the same apartment. They’re two townhouses next-door to each other, so I think it does lend itself to more singular storylines for each character.”

“It’s less the four of them being crazy all the time, and it’s each person’s individual path — and sometimes they cross,” she added. “Another difference is, unlike on ‘New Girl,’ where they may have known each other before… these characters have never met.”

Elaborating on that individuality, Newton described her character Caryn Goldfarb to TheWrap as “the most high-strung person you’ve ever met in your life.”

“Just really, really needy,” she added. “She might explode at any second if someone doesn’t love her back soon.”

The dental hygienist provides much material for the sitcom’s teeth-related humor, which Newton joked comes from her oral hygiene obsessed-creator.

Finally, TheWrap asked Newton if she would be down for an “Ugly Betty” movie, should the opportunity for a big-screen cast reunion arise.

“I would do an ‘Ugly Betty’ movie in a heartbeat,” Newton said. “And I know everyone else is game too, so why isn’t this happening?”

“Weird Loners,” which also stars Zachary Knighton, Meera Rohit Kumbhani and Nate Torrence, debuts Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

Watch the video: