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Wells Adams Says Hosting ‘Best in Dough’ Beats Out ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Bartending: ‘Just Have to Be Honest’

”Working on ‘Best in Dough’ was honestly like one of the highlights of my life,“ Adams tells TheWrap

As “Bachelor in Paradise” kicks off its newest season this week, bartender Wells Adams has a confession: It’s no longer the best gig he’s ever had. That title now goes to hosting Hulu’s new pizza making competition, “Best in Dough.”

Now streaming, the series follows various groups of contestants as they compete to be best in show — er, dough. They make creative pizza creations — from odd trends like pizza cones and cupcakes, to monochromatic pizzas — in the hopes of winning $10,000 in prize money. Adams hosts the competition, with an assist from professional chef Daniele Uditi. And though being in the kitchen is vastly different than being behind the bar, Adams is willing to be honest about which gig is more fun for him.

“Well, you know, ABC might fire me for saying this, but I just have to be honest. I used to say that I had the best job in the world. I went to Mexico every year and I got to sit and watch all these idiots run around and like, this dumpster fire burn on TV and just be like, ‘This is amazing,'” Adams told TheWrap. “And then I got to do a show with Daniele where we ate pizza every day. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, this was hands down the most fun thing I’ve ever had to work on.’ And my other job is so amazing. But the truth of the matter is that working on ‘Best in Dough’ was honestly like one of the highlights of my life.”

Of course, a lot of that fun comes from Uditi directly, and his own skills in the kitchen.

“It was so much fun. Daniele is so much fun to be around. He’s like such a positive energy,” Adams continued. “He’s an amazing cook. And the one thing that, like, I don’t know if it’s really ever [seen] on the show, is that after every week of filming, Daniele would get in the kitchen and make the entire crew pizzas. And oh my god, were those days absolutely amazing.”

And though he may already be an accomplished chef, Uditi himself did learn a few things thanks to “Best in Dough.”

“I always say this, even in my restaurants — I listen to everybody. You can learn anything, [even] from a dishwasher. Because if he has a taste of pizza, maybe he has an opinion,” Uditi said. “So I like to always listen to everybody, not put a barrier… I don’t like to close breach, I always leave the door open for new ideas to come because that makes you not only a better chef, but a better person.”

“Best in Dough” is now streaming on Hulu.