Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, Milla Jovovich May Join ‘Expendables 3’

Lionsgate also taps screenwriters for "Red 3"

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 12:34 PM

Sylvester Stallone continues to be the best thing that ever happened to aging action stars.

Getty ImagesThe producers of "Expendables 3" are in advanced negotiations with Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes and Milla Jovovich (a relative whippersnapper at 37) to fill out the cast of mercenaries, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said during a conference call with investors Friday.

The foursome's pedigree is heavy on the pyrotechnics.

Chan is the star of the "Rush Hour" franchise and has brought his brand of balletic martial arts to films like "Supercop" and "Crime Story."

Cage cast aside his indie roots to become one of Jerry Bruckheimer's favorite action heroes in films like "Con Air."

Getty ImagesBefore legal issues stemming from unpaid taxes derailed Snipes' career, he was a popular draw in such adventure films as "Passenger 57."

And Jovovich's addition is perhaps the most intriguing, as the previous "Expendables" outings have been male-dominated affairs. In the "Resident Evil" series, she's proven to be just as handy with a gun as Stallone and his crew.

Feltheimer said production on the sequel will start in August. Lionsgate is eyeing a 2014 release date.

He also said that Lionsgate has high hopes for this summer's "Red 2." In fact, Feltheimer said that Lionsgate has "such confidence" in the sequel to the 2010 Bruce Willis action comedy that it has contracted  screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber to begin work on a third film.


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