Western Tuesday: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Win Arizona

Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic caucuses in Utah, as the candidates duel over 3 states following Brussels terror attacks

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won the Arizona primaries on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported, with both frontrunners inching closer to their respective party’s nomination.

The victory gave Trump all 58 of the state’s delegates. Clinton took the biggest prize of the night on the Democratic side, with 75 delegates up for grabs, adding even more pressure on rival Sen. Bernie Sanders with a sixth consecutive win.

Still, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won the Republican caucuses in Utah with a commanding 69 percent of the vote, while Sanders routed Clinton in both Utah and Idaho.

Earlier, Sanders reassured supporters in San Diego, California, that the night was not over, saying, “Unless I am mistaken, we are going to win a couple more tonight.”

The 2016 primary battle headed West on Tuesday with candidates fighting to increase their delegate count in three states. The contests in Arizona, Utah and Idaho, also known as Western Tuesday, were largely overshadowed by the deadly terror attacks in Brussels that claimed the lives of at least 31 people and wounded dozens more.

Democrats headed to the polls in Arizona and held caucuses in Idaho and Utah, while Republicans cast their ballots in Arizona and caucused in Utah.

The AP reported long lines in both Arizona and Utah, with voters waiting for hours in some cases to cast a ballot.

The stakes were highest for both Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who need big wins in order to stop Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegates necessary to capture the GOP nomination, while Clinton will maintain her advantage over Sanders in delegates.

Earlier on Tuesday, the five remaining presidential candidates took to social media to express their concerns after the terror attacks in Brussels.

“Do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place Brussels was. Not anymore, it is from a different world! U.S. must be vigilant and smart!” Trump tweeted.

Kasich posted a statement on Facebook, expressing solidarity with the people of Belgium, adding that “we must utterly reject the use of deadly acts of terror,” while Cruz posted a message on Facebook, claiming “these terror attacks are no isolated incidents.”

Clinton issued her statement well after the Republican candidates, but did address the attacks the old-fashion way early this morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Sanders issued a statement later in the day offering his “deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones in this barbaric attack and to the people of Brussels.”

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