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‘Fashion Police’ Strike: Joan Rivers Says Writers Guild Hasn’t Contacted Her (Updated)

The WGA East said its council has voted to file internal charges over her role on show

"Fashion Police" host Joan Rivers said Wednesday that she has yet to receive any notification from the Writers Guild about facing internal charges over her role in a dispute involving the E! Network show's writers. 

"Other than a press release, nothing has been filed by the WGA," Larry Thompson, Rivers' personal manager told TheWrap. "We have received no communication, notice or any paperwork from anyone at the union.

"Joan has stated clearly, and E! Networks has repeatedly reconfirmed that Joan supports the "Fashion Police" writers who are hired by E! Networks Productions, not her.  This is an issue between E! and the WGA. She is on-air talent."

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The Writers Guild of America, East announced earlier Wednesday that its governing council voted last week to send charges filed against Rivers, a longtime member of WGAE, to a hearing before a three-person trial board.

The union alleges that Rivers violated its rules by writing and performing showrunner duties for the show. Writers Guild members have been on strike against "Fashion Police," since April 17. The writers say they are less than the industry standard and receive no health or pension benefits.

The WGAE’s governing body determined that, if proven, the charges against Rivers would constitute a violation of their rules. A trial board of three WGAE members will be appointed soon, and Rivers and the writers will be invited to present their sides of the story.

“We are distressed by reports that Joan Rivers, who worked so hard to create an illustrious career, turned her back on other writers who are still building careers of their own,”  said Michael Winship, WGAE President. “The question of whether she has, in fact, violated our working rules will be decided by the trial board. We cannot pre-judge the outcome, but we can say that it is a very serious matter when a member is accused of writing and showrunning on a non-covered show, and continuing to do so after the other writers have decided to go on strike for reasonable pay and benefits.”