After Contentious WGA East Election, What’s Next for the Newsroom Organizing Debate?

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The new guild council and leadership must reach an agreement on how to handle the growing numbers of digital media members

michael winship wga
WGA East president Michael Winship (Getty Images)

While this week’s WGA East council election saw victories for supporters of the guild’s continued organizing of digital newsrooms, the discussions on what path the guild will take are just getting started.

Guild insiders tell TheWrap that in the coming weeks, a subcommittee created to review options for a possible restructuring of guild membership will present the council with recommendations ahead of the next council meeting in early October. Meetings will also be held to allow members to share their thoughts before the council votes on a course of action.

On Tuesday, all seven candidates running on the digital-writer-focused Solidarity Slate were elected to the WGAE council.