WGA Members Vote to Change Screenplay Credit Rules

New regulations make it easier for directors and producers to get writing credits

Members of the Writers Guild of America’s West and East branches strongly approved an overhaul to the way in which adapted screenplay credits are awarded, the union announced Friday.

More than 85 percent of the 1,400-plus ballots cast were in favor of making it easier for screenwriters who also serve as directors or producers on films to get script credit.

Under the new rules, producers or directors who co-write a film have to make a 33 percent contribution to receive credit on an adapted screenplay. Previously, they had to make a 50 percent contribution to earn credit.

In an email to members, Writers Guild of America, East, president Michael Winship and Writers Guild of America, West, president John Wells told members the new changes would take place immediately.

A guild spokesperson declined to add any comment to the email message, which delivered the news in a matter-of-fact, distinctly nonpartisan manner.

In addition to the vote on film credits, 91.4 percent of members voted to require credit arbiters to hold teleconference to discuss any decision regarding script credit that is not unanimous. More than ninety-two percent of those members polled voted to consolidate, reformat and clarify the manual regarding television script credits.