WGA West Extends David Young as Executive Director

David Young has been in the job since 2006

David Young has earned a five-year contact extension as executive director of Writers Guild West from its Board of Directors, the guild announced on Friday.

Lori Dorn

Young has been in that position since 2006, overseeing the guild during the 100-day strike that paralyzed the industry at the end of 2007 and early 2008. He also helped to negotiate the deal that ended the strike.

 “David is a proven leader and an invaluable strategic thinker,” WGAW President Chris Keyser said in a statement. “He has helped guide us through challenging times of both technological change and economic turbulence in our industry.  He has the full support of the Board of Directors and we feel very fortunate that he will lead us through the next two cycles of contract talks with the AMPTP.”

Before serving as executive director, Young was the guild's top organizer and has devoted most of his career to professional labor organizations. He was the assistant director of organization at the Laborers' California Organizing Fund since 1999 and director of organizing for the South California-Nevada Regional Council of Carpenters.