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What the Fans Say About Ryan

”We have named him Ryan SeaPest! He’s getting very annoying and they need to replace him“

Here’s what the fans saying about Seacrest on the "American Idol" boards.

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langel2 — Ryan Seacrest! What is wrong with him? Confrontational and just plain rude. It’s like he lost his happy pill and no longer knows how to be a real host.
zendee  — Ryan has become annoying beyond words. As soon as he opens his mouth I cringe. The staged attempts at humor or bantoring between him and Simon is so fake that I’ve resorted to recording the show and then watching it at the end so I can fast forward through him. There are some nights that he is bordering on creepy freaky!!!!!
Cristi2009  — 🙁 First of all I don’t think there is anything wrong with Ryan maybe he is just getting frusted with Simon being negative all the time. So leave Ryan alone he is just having issues right now.
dcrane  — He has clearly become overly antangonistic, rude and confrontational towards Simon. I’m not sure if it’s his decision or not, but some of his antics around the results deliveries have become questionable as well. And that comment to Ellen about not knowing she was a natural blonde was utterly tasteless and uncalled for. Does nothing embarass this guy? … He needs to put his ego in check.
luv70s — He does say things that can be considered controversal and sometimes crosses the line but he is not perfect and some of you expect that since he is a HOST. I mean c’mon, its his character that makes these slight errors and he gets completely smashed for it. Ryan (and I know from having a sit down with him) is one of the nicest, down to earth sweet sensitive caring guy I know and because of that personal knowledge, I will defend him and continue to do so. 
RockkrChic69k — Ryan Seacrest is really irritating this year, the way he butts in on the judges as they are commenting or questions the judges comments (esp Simon) to just being overly dramatic on results’ nites. Think MOST know, he’s doing this to try to get more attention on the show. And all I’ve heard from many is, he needs to shut up n just do his job!!
vivkb  — We have named him Ryan SeaPest! He needs to lay off and back off of Simon. Simon tells it like it is, even though it seems rude sometimes, he almost always is right on with his critique. SeaPest is getting very annoying and they need to replace him.
pleaseletryango — To the Producers of American Idol, I am begging you to watch recent performances of Ryan Seacrest and reassess his role in your show. Ryan is distracting, he deliberately tries to embarass the contestants, and he is generally antagonizing to everyone (including the audience). Maybe Ryan is trying to "spice things up," but he is failing terribly. I have turned the show off on several occasions this season because I am truly disgusted with Ryan’s behavior .t. Please intervene in this situation.
tempest440 — If AI lasts thru another season after Simon goes I will be surprised, but if they keep Ryan and he doesn’t adjust his attitude and get a grip, he’s just going to speed up the end of what used to be a very entertaining show!
artinprog  —  This guy is over rated and needs the boot. He reminds me of a spoiled rich kid."
sidarthur — A spoiled rich kid?  Seacrest works ALL THE TIME. You should work so much. People who are actually spoiled rich kids do not work. They go on the internet incessantly and judge hard-working people. Bah.

dahozzman — I was at the dress rehearsal for AI yesterday. Normally Ryan is there for the entire rehearsal as that is where he "learns" the show for that night. However, Ryan came quite late, and when he did his tone of his comments to the audience suggested he was pissed off about something. What ever it was, it obviously carried over to the live show.

mgd01 — Ryan Did Nothing wrong last night or tonite, Simon was inappropriate!! I think it’s great that Ryan asks the judges to further explain their comments at times, and that’s all Ryan did!! Simon’s comment to Ryan was aggressive and inappropriate!!