How Broadcast TV Pilots Will Be Affected by Coronavirus Delays

Insiders say networks are committed to completing all the pilots that have been ordered

For the broadcast TV networks and new pilots that were set to begin shooting in the coming weeks, the shuttering of productions around the globe because of the coronavirus pandemic comes at a particularly unfortunate time and could have ramifications that will be felt for months.

The past week has seen rapid escalation in the pandemic’s effect on the TV business, as productions around the world were forced to hit the pause button in compliance with health advisories — and, in many cases, governmental mandates — barring public gatherings. Nearly every show or pilot currently in production was forced to suspend physical production for two to three weeks, with those yet to begin delayed indefinitely. Some projects close to completion were allowed the weekend to ramp down, as the first full week of social distancing gets underway.

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Jennifer Maas

TV Reporter • • Twitter: @jmaasaronson

Reid Nakamura

TV reporter • • Twitter: @reidnakamura