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What Is ‘Joker’ Trying to Say About Poverty and Mental Illness? (Podcast)

On the latest ”Low Key“ podcast, your hosts try to understand the film’s messaging

What does “Joker” want to say about poverty, mental illness and other problems society has failed to solve? That’s the subject of our latest “Low Key” podcast, which we hope you’ll check out below or right here.

Every week on “Low Key,” your hosts Aaron Lanton, Keith Dennie and me look into pop culture subtleties you may have missed. Well, except for this week: This week I am replaced (quite successfully) by special guest Sam Perrin of the “Sam Said It” podcast.

Sam, Aaron and Keith go deep on “Joker,” questioning how to interpret its ending, whether it wants to make political statements or avoid them, and where it stands on the divide between rich and poor. They focus especially on how the film deals with mental illness, and how to interpret director Todd Phillips’ presentation of Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur losing his grip on reality.

After a lengthy discussion of what the film means and how it made everyone feel, Aaron offers a helpful caveat: He likes the movie more than anyone might think.

Also: Do nice pearls really fall that way?

Finally, I’ll be back for the next episode of “Low Key,” when we’ll talk about the CW’s “Batwoman.”

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