Sacha Baron Cohen Pushes Back on Giuliani Over ‘Borat’ Sequel Appearance: ‘He Did What He Did’

“I just urge everyone to watch the movie. It is what it is, he did what he did, and make your own mind up,” actor says

Rudy Giuliani Caught With 'Hand Down His Pants' in Borat Sequel
Getty Images/Amazon Prime Video

Sacha Baron Cohen says “it was pretty clear to us” what happened in Rudy Giuliani’s scene in the “Borat” sequel after the President’s lawyer denied that he inappropriately had his hands down his pants and that he was only “tucking in my shirt.”

In an interview with “Good Morning America” Friday, Baron Cohen and his co-star Maria Bakalova, who appears in the scene with Giuliani and posed as a TV journalist, responded to Giuliani’s statement in which he called Baron Cohen a “stone-cold liar” and called the scene a “complete fabrication.”

“If the President’s lawyer found what he did there appropriate behavior, then heaven knows what he’s done with other female journalists in hotel rooms,” Baron Cohen said. “I just urge everyone to watch the movie. It is what it is, he did what he did, and make your own mind up. It was pretty clear to us.”

In the scene in question, which appears in “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” that dropped on Amazon Prime Friday and quickly circulated on social media Wednesday morning as critics’ reviews were published, Giuliani appears to have his hands down his pants as he’s lying down on a hotel-room bed after a fake interview with Bakalova.

Baron Cohen added that he was “quite concerned” for Bakalova’s safety during the scene but was monitoring it the whole time from a separate room before he jumped out in character to surprise Giuliani. Bakalova added in the “GMA” interview that she never felt in danger while filming the scene or with the “Borat” crew present.

Baron Cohen also addressed the scene that went down when he crashed Mike Pence’s speech at the Republican CPAC convention dressed in a fat suit as Donald Trump. He said he spent six hours in a makeup chair getting his face to resemble Trump’s as well as a fat suit, but what was most concerning was when he had to get through a TSA security check.

The “Borat” actor says TSA wanded him and picked up a beep near his chest that would’ve given his suit away. Baron Cohen lied and said it was a pacemaker, and when it beeped again, TSA then assumed it was the wire for the pacemaker. After filming the scene, he says he got escorted out by 15 Secret Service and local police, but that they never claimed his identification.

Baron Cohen finally addressed why he felt he needed to revive the Borat character compared to when he first pranked Americans back in 2006.

“At that time people were shocked that there was an underbelly of racism. Now it’s overt, and you hear those words projected by the President of the most powerful country in the world, and I wanted to reveal that underneath all the hatred and all the division, we are not that far apart,” Baron Cohen said.

Check out the full interview with “GMA” below via the show’s Twitter page. “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” is available to Amazon Prime members now.


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