What Ray Liotta Learned From Kissing a Guy on ‘Shades of Blue’ (Exclusive Video)

Emmy contender plays a bisexual cop on “Shades of Blue”

Ray Liotta says kissing another man for his role as bisexual cop on “Shades of Blue” was “very new for me” — but he learned some valuable lessons.

“I did learn a bunch of things. One is, when you know you’re gonna kiss your girlfriend, make sure you shave, because stubble hurts,” he said.

The “Goodfellas” icon added: “Cigarette breath, forget about.”

“Shades of Blue” recently wrapped its second season. In the future, Liotta hopes his character will get to have a heart-to-heart with his son, who is gay.

“He’s heard rumors about me being gay. Nobody knows for sure. And I think it would be really interesting to explore that dynamic and to finally become truthful and honest with him about who I am. I think it would be a really interesting father and son story in a whole different way than ‘Field of Dreams.’”

Liotta played Shoeless Joe Jackson in the Kevin Costner baseball classic.

You can watch Liotta’s full interview above. He also talks about how he put himself at risk for the NBC show, in which he stars opposite Jennifer Lopez. At one point, he found himself standing in front of a bus… that didn’t seem to be stopping.