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‘What’s the Deal?’ With Summer TV: TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider Picks 6 Favorite Shows (Video)

From NBC’s Charles Manson-inspired ”Aquarius“ to HBO’s action-packed ”True Detective“ starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch

NBC’s 13-episode event series “Aquarius” debuts today, effectively kicking off one of the most dynamic summer TV seasons in recent memory according to TheWrap’s TV-loving film reporter Jeff Sneider, who examines the current state of the small screen in this week’s episode of “What’s the Deal?”

It wasn’t too long ago that TV was a relative dead zone during the summer, when audiences were once content to gorge on Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. That’s not the case anymore, as the TV industry is ready to fight for attention year-round.

HBO is trotting out new series such as Dwayne Johnson‘s “Ballers” and Jack Black‘s “The Brink,” both of which will debut on the heels of the second season of “True Detective,” which returns with an all-new all-star cast.

Everyone’s favorite cannibal, “Hannibal,” also returns for its third season on NBC, whose standards and practices department must have a soft spot for the incredibly violent series.

Netflix is also getting in on the action this year with two new series — “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” and “Sense8,” the latter of which marks the Wachowski siblings’ last foray into sci-fi.

Finally, MTV flexes its own scripted muscles with a new slasher series based on the hit horror franchise “Scream,” which is drumming up killer buzz.

Watch the video to see Sneider discuss some of the series that he plans to watch this summer, and let us know if he missed anything in the comment section below.