Where to Stream All the ‘Alien’ Movies Right Now

Here’s where you can watch the entire franchise, from Ridley Scott’s 1979 original masterpiece to the most recent, “Alien: Covenant”

20th Century Fox

If you want to stream all of the movies in the “Alien” franchise, you’ll need more than one subscription. The six films, all released theatrically by 20th Century Fox, have ended up on a variety of sites.

You’ll find the first four films in the franchise, including Ridley Scott’s 1979 original space thriller and James Cameron’s action-packed 1986 sequel on Hulu and Starz, but here’s where to catch the rest of the Xenomorphs, face-huggers and, of course, kickass heroine Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver).

Here’s where to stream all the “Alien” movies right now.


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