Where to Stream Every Season of ‘Rick and Morty’ Online

To the multiverse!

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Only two things are certain in every universe: chaos and a never-ending stream of new “Rick and Morty” seasons. After nearly 10 years on the air and six seasons, “Rick and Morty” has come a long way from edgy “Back to the Future” parody to cultural juggernaut. The animated series has permanently impacted internet and TV culture, whether through the absurdity of Pickle Rick or causing a nationwide rush to McDonalds to obtain a singular packet of Szechuan sauce. 

“Rick and Morty” is a sci-fi comedy series co-created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon about the interdimensional adventures between alcoholic irresponsible scientist Rick (voiced by Roiland) and his teenage grandson Morty (also Roiland). The rest of the cast includes Morty’s disliked and dismissed father Jerry (Chris Parnell), Rick’s stressed daughter Beth (Sarah Chalke), and Morty’s older sister Summer (Spencer Grammer).

“Rick and Morty’s” revolving door of absurd episode premises and strange characters have turned the show into an infectious phenomenon, receiving both critical and commercial praise. The series has won two Emmys for Outstanding Animated Program and has become one of Adult Swim’s most popular offerings. 

And yes, although Roiland was fired from the series after domestic violence charges were brought to light (which were later dropped), the show will continue on with a new actor in the lead voice role.

As “Rick and Morty” episodes continue to drop, long-time fans and new viewers alike need a place to find every episode. Luckily you don’t need a portal gun to find every episode of the series. So whether you’re tuning in for the first time or just trying to catch up on the most recent season, here’s the complete guide of where to watch every season of “Rick and Morty.” 

Where is “Rick and Morty” streaming?

Seasons 1-6 of “Rick and Morty” are currently available to stream on Hulu and Max (formerly HBO Max). Season 6 dropped on both services May 11, 2023.

Is there anywhere else to watch “Rick and Morty?”

If you have a cable subscription you can watch the latest season of “Rick and Morty” on the Adult Swim website. These episodes contain ads.

The Adult Swim website also contains a free stream of “Rick and Morty.” The stream runs 24/7 and features a continuous marathon of pre-selected “Rick and Morty” episodes, acting as your own free interdimensional cable subscription.

How many seasons of “Rick and Morty” are available?

There have been six seasons of “Rick and Morty” so far. The most recent season aired in 2022. The series was renewed for 70 more episodes in 2018, suggesting the show will run for at least 10 seasons. 

Roiland and Harmon both said in 2022 that there is no envisioned definitive end for “Rick and Morty.”

“I think the show could run forever,” Roiland said. Harmon added, “As far as the longevity of the show, to me, it just feels infinite.” With an unlimited amount of possible adventures, Rick and Morty will continue as long as audiences and Adult Swim are still eager for more.

When does “Rick and Morty” Season 7 come out?

“Rick and Morty” has been consistently airing a new season every year since Season 4 premiered in 2019. Harmon previously said that the show intended to release new seasons yearly but 2023 brings several interruptions to that plan. Season 7 will be the first season without co-creator and star Justin Roiland, who parted ways with Adult Swim after misconduct allegations. Despite Roiland’s absence, it has been confirmed that “Rick and Morty” still intends to fulfill its 70-episode order and the show will not be cut short. 

The current WGA writers’ strike will likely also influence the release of Season 7. While animation writers are not always in the WGA, most writers are striking in solidarity and general production delays are a possibility. Roiland’s departure and the ongoing standstill from the strike may cause Season 7 to air at a later date than previously anticipated. 

What other shows like “Rick and Morty” are streaming?

Justin Roiland’s other animated series “Solar Opposites” streams on Hulu. Co-creator Dan Harmon’s cult sitcom “Community” is available to watch on Netflix and Hulu, and Harmon has a new animated series called “Krapopolis” that debuts on Fox later this year.