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Who Gets Helen Thomas’ Seat Now?

Fox, AP, roving pool reporter among early favorites

David Nesenoff — the YouTube-savvy rabbi whose impromptu interview with Helen Thomas sparked the controversial comments about Israel that led to her forced retirement — has posted the entire interview online.

It runs about two minutes, and contains no new shocking comments or revelations. It does, however, confirm the fact that Thomas was not baited into suggesting Israelis "get the hell out of Palestine."

Meanwhile, there’s already much talk in Washington about who will get Thomas’ longtime front-and-center seat at White House press briefings.

The White House Correspondents Association won’t decide who gets it until at least July, when its incoming board meets. Fox News and the Associated Press are among the early favorites.

According to Politico, some have suggested the seat "might remain open and simply given to the day’s White House pool reporter."

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