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Whoopi Goldberg and Jimmy Fallon Flip Lips and Give Each Other Ridiculous Accents (Video)

Goldberg decided to play up Fallon’s Irish heritage with an Irish accent that slipped into Scottish, while Fallon just threw every accent under the sun into his take on her

It’s one of the strangest things Jimmy Fallon does on “The Tonight Show,” and yet it always generates laughs. Whoopi Goldberg was the latest celebrity to do a “Lip Flip” with Fallon, and the results were as hilarious and bizarre as always.

In fact, Goldberg took things up a notch by adopting a strange Irish-Scottish accent for her take on Fallon. Returning the favor, he gave her an accent, too, but couldn’t decide if it was English, German, Southern or something else altogether.

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The two talked about playing musical instruments, whistling, and Fallon kept sticking his tongue out … by which we mean it was his mouth and his tongue, but it was surrounded by Goldberg’s perplexed face.

The strangest moment of all came when Fallon said the word “we” and became enamored at how silly his mouth looked saying it on Goldberg’s face. It was in the middle of a sentence, and yet he hung on that word for the longest time.

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The whole thing is almost too surreal to do justice in words. It really needs to be experienced. And even though it is completely and utterly ridiculous, you’ll probably find yourself laughing regardless.

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