Whoopi Goldberg, Ariana Grande, Candace Cameron Bure Board the Crazy Train: Wrap Trends

Watch with TheWrap’s Jordan Burchette as all of the gay, feminist and national pride of the last few weeks gets wiped out in 3 impossibly stupid sound bites

Remember back when America was great? It was a week ago, when we were celebrating the legalization of same-sex marriage, condemnation of the highest-profile (alleged) rapist in U.S. history and the liberation of the greatest goddamn nation on earth.

It was nice while it lasted.

This week, Whoopi Goldberg, Ariana Grande and Candace Cameron Bure turned back the clock on all of it, issuing defenses for Bill Cosby, contempt for the U.S. and justifications for gay-unfriendly bakeries. For more, watch the latest Wrap Trends!

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