Whoopi Goldberg Kvetches About Limited Platforming of ‘Diablo 4’: ‘This Really Pissed Me Off’

Previous entries in the video game franchise have come to Apple devices, and “The View” host wants the latest one on them, too

Whoopi Goldberg on Instagram Diablo 4
Whoopi Goldberg (via Instagram)

Turns out, Whoopi Goldberg is a gamer, and she’s not holding back opinions on her favorite video game franchise, “Diablo.”

“This is me kvetching about my favorite game, ‘Diablo,’” Goldberg said in an Instagram video posted Wednesday, in which she urged Blizzard to consider releasing a Mac-friendly port of “Diablo 4.” Sylized as “Diablo IV,” the game marks the latest entry in one of the most famous action roleplaying franchises on the market.

“Allow us to play on the Apple,” Goldberg said, repeating her request. That sentence isn’t the most tech savvy, much like people who dub game consoles “Nintendos,” revealing Goldberg may not have been aware “Diablo 4” was confirmed to be a Windows-only experience way back in 2022. With that said, previous franchise entries have come to Mac, so it stands to reason someone who doesn’t keep up with gaming news would have a basis for assuming that if “Diablo 3” came to Mac, so would “Diablo 4.”

“This really pissed me off,” she said with a good-humored smile, fully acknowledging that her “Diablo” frustrations are far from the end of the world.

Goldberg’s team did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

For anyone in Goldberg’s position, stumped on how to play “Diablo 4” without a PC, know that it is doable, even if it’s not quite optimal.

One possible fix is to check out “Boot Camp,” a dual-boot wizard that’ll help you put Windows on your Apple device. Once you get Windows on it, you’ll then be able to play the PC version of “Diablo 4.” Despite some anticipated technical hiccups, the game’s reportedly playable (at least, for Intel Macs; M1 and M2 are a trickier subject).

Alternatively, the folks over on Reddit have cooked up even more cutting-edge, seemingly superior ways to get the proper “Diablo 4” experience running on Apple hardware.

Naturally, it’s far simpler and recommended to just buy a PC for sake of playing “Diablo 4” rather than trying to force it onto a system it isn’t designed for. That rule of thumb applies for most games; Mac owners are at a severe disadvantage in the contemporary gaming scene.