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Whoopi Goldberg to Bernie Sanders: ‘Can You Explain Why You’re Still in the Race?’

Goldberg pushed the senator and presidential candidate during Wednesday’s ”The View“

On Wednesday afternoon’s episode of “The View,” host Whoopi Goldberg pressed presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on why he remains in the race against former vice president Joe Biden.

“I’m told that you intend to stay in this race because you believe there is a path to victory. I want to know what that path is because this feels a little bit like it did when you didn’t come out when Hillary Clinton was clearly the person folks were going for. So, can you explain why you’re still in the race and what this path is that you see?” the ABC host asked while broadcasting live from her own home, which she began doing in mid-March as the coronavirus spread through the country.

Sanders, also calling into the show from his home, told Goldberg that when Clinton became the Democratic nominee in 2016, he “worked as hard as (he) could” to get her elected and Goldberg demurred, saying that while that was true, she felt it took him a “very long time to hop in.”

When Sanders said he didn’t “accept that characterization,” she interrupted to ask, again, why he is staying in the race.

“People have a right, last I heard, people in a democracy have a right to vote and they have a right to vote for the agenda that they think can work for America, especially in this very very difficult moment,” he countered. “We are assessing our campaign, as a matter of fact, where we want to go forward, but people in a democracy do have a right to vote and right now, in this unprecedented moment in American history, I think we need to have a very serious discussion about how they go forward.”

In another interview conducted from his home Wednesday, the senator expanded on his position that Wisconsin’s April 7 primary should be delayed and voting should be done by mail-in ballots to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.