Inside the Battle Over Wendy Williams – and Who Speaks for the Troubled TV Star

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The conflict over who rightfully represents the daytime diva and when they’ll get paid takes a series of new turns

Who rightfully represents Wendy Williams?
Wendy Williams (Getty Images)

The drama around Wendy Williams has been building for years, but the war over who gets to represent the ailing daytime TV star boiled over in the last couple weeks after the Lionsgate-owned syndication giant Debmar-Mercury announced it had canceled “The Wendy Williams Show” after 13 seasons.

Since then, an ugly battle has played out in public over who even represents Wendy Williams — which is currently being debated privately in hearings in a New York court.

At stake is the future of the multimillion-dollar syndicated television empire that reached 2 million viewers each day, was syndicated globally and has led to TV production deals, in addition to numerous endorsements and books.

Nick Cannon Talk Show (Credit: Debmar-Mercury)
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