Trevor Noah Explains Why He’s Leaving ‘The Daily Show’: ‘I Think of This as a Joyous Thing’ (Video)

“Leave while it’s still good, leave when you still love it,” Noah told Jimmy Fallon

Fans may be sad to see Trevor Noah exiting as host of “The Daily Show” at the end of this year, but for Noah himself, it’s a “joyous” moment. On Thursday night, the host explained that he truly feels like he’s going out on a high note.

Noah first announced his departure at the end of the taping for the episode that aired Thursday, Sept. 29, noting that that week marked his seven year anniversary with “The Daily Show.” Sitting down with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday, Noah was pressed on why exactly he was leaving, and marveled at the fact that people have been so upset by it.

The “Daily Show” host noted that he feels “everybody has gone through a period of looking at their lives” thanks to the pandemic, himself included.

“I think if you don’t look at your life, and think about what you’d like to do differently, then you haven’t experienced what we’ve all experienced, you know?” Noah explained. “And so, I think of this as a joyous thing.”

Noah added that he thinks it’s best to go out when people are still enjoying him in the role, and while he still enjoys the job himself.

“Because imagine if it was the other way around. I go like, ‘I’m leaving’ and people are like ‘Yeah…’” he joked. “Leave while it’s still good, leave when you still love it, leave when you still have the energy to enjoy it. I still have three months to have a ton of fun with everybody on the show, and I’m going
to do that.”

As for what he’s going to do next, Noah revealed that he’s planning to do “everything” after hosting — starting with getting back to his stand-up comedy roots, and travelling the world playing shows once more.

“I’m so excited to do everything. I didn’t get to travel as much, doing stand up around the world. I’m excited to — I used to go to a country and I would be there for weeks on end. I would learn parts of the language or learn about the culture,” Noah said. “I’m gonna get back to doing that. Producing, you know, like just working behind the camera again, working on different ideas. You know, going back home spending more time with family in South Africa. Everything is what I’m going to be doing.”

You can watch Noah’s full conversation with Fallon in the video above.