Jimmy Kimmel Decodes the Meaning Behind Why Trump Doesn’t Follow Don Jr. on Social Media | Video

Don Jr. is the only one of his kids that Trump doesn’t follow on Truth Social

Donald Trump isn’t following all of this children on social media, and Jimmy Kimmel may have figured out why. On Monday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the ABC host explained that it’s “social media speak” for “you’re not in the will.”

Following his 34 felony fraud convictions last week, Trump joined TikTok, something Kimmel found incredibly ironic, given that when Trump was president, he wanted to ban the social media app. Trump called it “an honor” to be on the platform on Monday, which then prompted Kimmel to wonder if Trump knows that quite literally anyone can make an account.

But more than that, the late night host homed in on the fact that Trump isn’t following anyone on TikTok, not even his kids (though they follow him). And that made Kimmel curious to check other platforms, like Trump’s own social media app, Truth Social.

There, Trump is following every one of his children and their spouses — except for Donald Trump Jr.

“I think that’s social media speak for ‘You’re not in the will,’ Don,” Kimmel joked. “And it’s especially disappointing, because DJTJ is the one who got him on TikTok!”

The host then pulled up an old video from Trump Jr., in which his father tells him he’s proud of how well he’s doing on social media.

“That’s as close to a hug as Don Jr. is ever gonna get from his father,” Kimmel said.

You can watch Jimmy Kimmel’s full monologue in the video above.


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