Will Ferrell Begs Florida to Vote: ‘We’re a National Joke’ (Video)

Actor asks fellow Sunshine Staters to solve the “real s— storm out there”

Will Ferrell really wants you to vote, Florida. You know, between all that fan-boat riding, sport fishing, gator wrestling, neon wearing and key lime pie gobbling.

“I turned on the news the other day — we’ve got a real s— storm out there,” Ferrell says in a new video for his Funny or Die registration campaign, which teamed up with Rock the Vote. “I’m never gonna tell you who to vote for — that’s a personal decision. But I know that you know in your heart of hearts, whoever you vote for, that’s the right one.

“People always forget about Florida,” he continues. “We’re a national joke — until we control the election! Then who’s laughing?”

You will be if you watch the video above — it’s quite funny.

Ferrell then crosses any possible lame excuses off your list of BS reasons to not vote on November 8. For example, he’ll personally give you a ride to the polls. You can even borrow Ferrell’s I.D. and/or dress slacks if need be.

“Stupid comedy website Funny or Die will tell you where to vote,” he says, scratching over another one. “What a world.”

“You can help your democracy, do your duty and be back in the Epcot Center before you know it,” Ferrell concludes his pitch to those in the Sunshine State. “And what could be more fun than that?”

Today (Tuesday, October 11) is the deadline to register for voting in the November presidential election. Stop reading this immediately and go do that — and then come right back to TheWrap and read some more.