Will Lawsuit Derail Lionsgate’s ‘Push’ for Oprah?

Lionsgate, which thought it had bought the rights to Sundance darling "Push" for Oprah Winfrey, now finds itself embroiled in a lawsuit with the Weinstein Company.  Here are the details:

"The Weinstein Co. and Overture had been among the distributors circling the movie after its strong performance at the Park City, Utah, festival. Lionsgate eventually won rights to the film, it said in an announcement earlier this week, paying in the ballpark of $5 million for North American rights to the film and enlisting Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey as supporters who would attach their names to the release.

"According to the Lionsgate suit, producers told Lionsgate that while there were discussions between producers and the Weinstein Co., no deal was made because parties couldn’t come to terms over issues such as international rights and profit-sharing.

"The Weinstein Co., as its breach-of-contract suit states, believes otherwise."

Looks like this potential Oprah project has some hurdles to overcome before the talk-show queen can get involved…