Will ‘Star Trek’ Success Heal the Hurt Between Paramount and J.J. Abrams? (Video)

Will J.J. Abrams still be guest of honor at Brad Grey's Paramount family dinner post-'Star Wars?'

J.J. Abrams earned the envy and adoration of fanboys everywhere when the "Star Trek" director opted to take the helm of that other interstellar cultural touchstone, "Star Wars." Yet the multi-hyphenate Hollywood maven ran afoul of one party, his "family" at Paramount.

While anyone can understand the allure of what is probably the most famous movie franchise of all-time, it still robs Paramount of Abrams’ directing duties for the foreseeable future.

That left Paramount “disappointed." Here's an inside look at the aftermath of Abrams' Star Wars' decision: 


Video by Rebecca Rosenberg