Willie Nelson Declines to Be Roseanne Barr’s Running Mate

"Thank you but no thank you," says national treasure

After what we can only assume was careful deliberation, national treasure Willie Nelson has turned down Roseanne Barr's Twitter invitation to be her running mate as she seeks the Green Party presidential nomination.

The musical icon wrote Tuesday: "Thank you but no thank you. Good luck to you!" in response to Barr's repeated tweeted entreaties to join her campaign.

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Barr replied to Nelson: "Is this an actual response? I sure appreciate it! Good luck to you too, Willie!"

It was, depending on how you see things, either an embrassing or welcome departure from the secret machinations and backroom deals that have brought us past vice presidents.

Barr had tweeted prior to Nelson's graceful response, "My Vice President will be announced at the debate in San Francisco this Saturday. I want Willie Nelson as Vice President."

She was referring to the Green Party's presidential debate. Nelson's "no thank you" presumably means the No. 2 position remains available. John Goodman, anyone?

Potential running mates should bear in mind, however, that Barr and Goodman will learn by Sunday whether their new NBC pilot, "Downwardly Mobile," will be ordered to series. It's unclear how she would balance the dual responsibilities of starring in a sitcom and running a campaign — and perhaps, a country.

NBC is making its announcements about next season on Sunday in advance of the network's upfront presentation to advertisers Monday.