Wired Hires Technology and Business Staff Writer Jessi Hempel

Journalist joins magazine’s editorial staff after stints at Fortune and Businessweek

Wired logo

Jessi Hempel has joined the staff of Wired as a business and technology writer, according to the magazine’s editor-in-chief Scott Dadich.

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“I picked up first copy of Wired in 1999,” said Hempel in a blog post she published Tuesday about her move. “Even in 1999, when other magazines were lionizing companies that barely existed, Wired was pushing beyond the hype to identify and understand the potential of the underlying technology and offer deep analysis and calculated bets about how it would shape the future. More often than not, Wired has called the future correctly.”

“This is a legacy to which I hope to contribute,” she added. “Today, I’m thrilled to share the news that I am joining Wired as a senior writer covering the business of technology”

Before joining Wired, Hampel worked at Fortune for seven years and also at Businessweek. “It’s hard to leave a journalistic organization as rich in quality and history as Fortune,” she said. “I will continue reading Fortune’s great work as I shift my focus to new challenges.”

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Wired also announced the promotion of one of its own writers Tuesday. Mat Honan, employed with the publication since 2012, has been promoted to senior staff writer.