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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Opens New Diagon Alley Attraction, Fans Overwhelm Park

Everyone wants a piece of the magic

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, already a cash cow for Universal Studios in Orlando, is about to make a whole the park a whole lot more gold.

Good thing they built a massive Gringotts Bank for the occasion.

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The Diagon Alley addition to the Wizarding World officially opened on Tuesday morning, to great fanfare and a great mass of fans. The new section, which doubles the size of the park and features replicas of the narrow streets of the wizard city, a massive dragon, and the roller coaster called Escape from Gringotts (a wild ride through the bowels of the famed bank), had Potterheads camping out overnight for the opportunity to drink Butterbeer in fresh territory.

In fact, so many fans showed up that tweets from several of the visitors indicated that the line to get on to the new roller coaster had stretched to 350 minutes, or nearly six hours. They didn’t seem to mind all that much, though, as they had plenty of friends and opportunity to buy souvenirs.

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Shops include Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions  (selling Hogwarts scarves and character costumes); Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes (jokes, magic tricks, and toys); Magical Menagerie  (stuffed animals); Quality Quidditch Supplies (quidditch supplies, natch); and Ollivanders’ wand shop (wands, of course).

Here are some photos from inside the park, which we will continue to update: