Woman Says Weinstein Sexually Assaulted Her When She Was 16

New complaint accuses Weinstein of continuing emotional and sexual abuse for nearly a decade

harvey weinstein
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In an amended complaint to an ongoing lawsuit, Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, who was also a virgin at the time, at a 2002 event in New York City.

The complaint, filed Wednesday and obtained by TheWrap, says Weinstein “lured” a woman identified as Jane Doe “to his apartment and sexually assaulted her.” The complaint says that Weinstein “continued to emotionally abuse and sexually harass her for nearly a decade thereafter.”

“Jane Doe was a virgin,” the complaint added.

“As a result, Jane Doe has experienced severe emotional and physical distress,” said the document. “Jane Doe was injured in her property or livelihood as a result of Weinstein’s actions.”

A spokesperson for Weinstein’s attorney Ben Brafman said in a statement to TheWrap: “This claim is preposterous. Like so many other women in this case who have already been exposed as liars, this latest completely uncorroborated allegation that is almost 20 years old will also be shown to be patently false.”

The complaint said Jane Doe’s experience with Weinstein occurred between 2002 to 2011, beginning when the 16-year-old girl was attending an event with her modeling agency in Manhattan after having just moved to the United States from Poland. There, the complaint says, she met Weinstein, who promised her they would have lunch to discuss her potential acting future.

Three days later, according to the lawsuit, Weinstein picked her up for lunch but “instead of taking them to a restaurant, Weinstein’s driver dropped the two at Weinstein’s Soho apartment… Once alone with Jane Doe, Weinstein wasted no time in aggressively and threateningly demanding sex,” which included Weinstein telling the woman that she would need to “be comfortable doing whatever the director told her to do” if she was serious about becoming an actress.

Jane Doe said she resisted, but that Weinstein threatened and pressured her, “saying that he had ‘made’ the careers of Penelope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow, and that neither would be working without him.” According to the complain, Weinstein then exposed himself and forcibly held the woman’s hands to his penis.

The complaint said Jane Doe continuously resisted his attempts and tried to leave the apartment. “After their first encounter, Jane Doe endured nearly a decade of sexual harassment and emotional abuse at his hands.” At one point, said the document, he showed up at the Four Seasons, where she was living, and “attempted to gain entry to her room.” He continuously tried to contact her during 2004-2005, “often making verbal sexual advances and emphasizing that he held the keys to Hollywood.”

In 2008, when she was 23, Jane Doe said in the complaint that she agreed to one more meeting with Weinstein at TWC offices on Greenwich Street after business hours, in hopes that “he might treat her as a person, not a sex object.” However, the woman says Weinstein again tried to coerce her into sex, claiming that “things had worked out well for others who gave sexual favors.”

“Jane Doe’s encounters with Weinstein over the years caused her great stress and anxiety,” said the complaint. “She understood that she would never get cast in a production unless she gave Weinstein sexual favors.”

Weinstein has been arraigned on six sexual crime charges in New York and is being investigated by police in Los Angeles and London. He has denied all wrongdoing. Jane Doe is the 10th person to join the class-action lawsuit against Weinstein, The Weinstein Company and Miramax, among others.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.