Woody Allen Asks New York Times to Publish His Response to Dylan Farrow Sex Abuse Claims

Public Editor Margaret Sullivan says Allen has asked for a chance to respond

Woody Allen has asked the New York Times for a chance to respond to accusations Dylan Farrow made in an Op-Ed piece on Saturday, claiming that the celebrated filmmaker molested her when she was a child — and the Times is considering publishing it.

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“They asked and we said, ‘Yes, send it in,’” Times Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal said in an article by Public Editor Margaret Sullivan posted on Wednesday.

But Rosenthal said that all Op-Ed pieces are subject to editing, and the section has not yet decided whether it will in fact publish the response, when it receives it.

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“Normally, we don’t publish a direct response” as a full article, Rosenthal said. Instead, the editorial page runs responses as letters to the editor.

“In this case, it was so personal, we thought that we should.”

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Sullivan wrote that the Allen response may appear in the next few days.