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World Cup Brazil vs. Croatia: By the Social Media Numbers

How the soccer match played out on Twitter and Facebook

The opening game of the World Cup wasn’t just a big hit ratings-wise — the showdown between Brazil and Croatia made a considerable splash on social media, too.

On Twitter, 9.2 million people saw one or more of the 1.8 million tweets sent in the U.S. about the 2014 FIFA World Cup match between Brazil and Croatia on Thursday.

Tweets about the game were sent by 616,000 unique authors and seen a total of 109.8 million times.

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On Facebook, more than 58 million people had more than 140 million interactions — posts, comments and likes — related to Brazil’s win over Croatia in the opening match of the World Cup. This includes about 16 million Brazilians who had more than 40 million Facebook interactions about the match, representing nearly 30 percent of Facebook daily actives in the host country.

Top 5 Facebook Moments
1. Neymar Jr. scores Brazil’s first goal to bring the match level at 1-1
2. Neymar Jr. gives Brazil a 2-1 lead on a penalty kick (awarded on controversial foul)
3. The final whistle blows and Brazil wins the opening match of the 2014 World Cup
4. Oscar scores in extra time to extend Brazil’s lead to 3-1
5. An own goal by Brazilian defender Marcelo Vieira gives Croatia a stunning 1-0 early lead over Brazil

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Top 5 Facebook Demos Talking About the Match
1. Men 18-24
2. Men 25-34
3. Women 18-24
4. Women 25-34
5.  Men 35-44

Top 5 Countries Talking on Facebook
1. Brazil
2. United States
3. England
4. Indonesia
5. France

Top 5 Players Getting Facebook Buzz
1. Neymar Jr.
2. Oscar
3. Thiago Silva
4. Hulk
5. Marc